05/27/2012 Memorial Day Show

Tonight’s guests:

Stacy Swearengen,  8pm to 9pm

Julie Rahm,  8pm to 9pm

Major Dr. Benjamin Keizer & Sister-in-law,  8pm to 9pm

Libbi Cox is a mother for 4 and has been a military spouse for almost 36 years with her husband in Kentucky National Guard. She has been through two deployments and extended stateside duty at Warrior Transition Battalion.

Cinday Cox has been a military spouse for 22 years and is the mother to three boys. Her husband serves in The Kentucky National Guard and has been through a deployment to Irag and Katrina in 2005


Stacy Swearengen is the wife of an Active Duty soldier. As a career-minded woman, Stacy initially feared marrying a military man meant giving up her own goals and career aspirations to follow someone else’s. Since that time, Stacy founded Military Spouse Portable Career Planning, a career coaching practice in which she speaks to organizations about life as an Army wife and assists other military spouses in finding fulfillment despite the demands of the military lifestyle.

Questions we will discuss with Stacy:

  • What are the common characteristics of military spouses?
  • What changes for a person when they marry a soldier? Is it immediate or a slow process?
  • What is the main difference between military spouses and all other spouses?
  • What is the biggest obstacle military spouses face?
  • Are military spouses actually able to do what they want as someone married to a service man or woman?
  • How can a military spouse, facing the obstacles you mention, actually establish lives for themselves?
  • By finding their own path, does that create strain on the marriage?
  • You started a company to help military spouses. How did your company come into existence?
  • Are there certain careers or professional aspirations that simply are unrealistic for military spouses?
  • Have you found companies are willing to hire military spouses as a result of recent media attention?
  • What can people do to support military families?

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Julie Rahm- Two Books to Give Away

Julie Rahm is a former Defense Department Executive who has taken lessons learned from military families with the extreme situations they face raising kids to make life easier for regular families. She has interviewed hundreds of current military kids and famous former military kids to uncover their secrets to success in school and in life. Her latest book entitled Military Kids Speak is being used in small groups in schools and churches around the world to help kids in military families thrive. Known as the Champion of Military Kids, Julie gives a voice to kids in military families around the world.


Potential topics of conversation:

High-performance speaking and coaching of military kids and families can be broken down into four primary components:

  • Emotional problems
  • Behavioral problems
  • School work
  • How caregivers handle stress
  • And, children of divorce share many of the same fears and challenges coping with change as military kids.


Questions for Julie Rahm – Military Kids Speak

  • How did you get started working with military kids? Was it being a military child yourself, or being a military spouse that moved you to write the book Military Kids Speak and become the Champion of Military Kids?
  • What makes being raised in a military family different than any other family?
  • Why do you call military kids our unsung heroes?
  • What are the top five challenges kids in military families face that are different than what other kids face?
  • What can parents do to help their kids manage those challenges in a positive way?
  • What is the most important factor in a military child coping well?
  • No offense, but how did you get interviews with celebrity former military kids like Shaquille O’Neal and Mark Hamill? What did you learn from Shaq about how his Army family upbringing made him so successful?
  • Who was your favorite celebrity to interview and why?
  • You held an essay contest for military kids and used those essays in your book Military Kids Speak. Which essay is your favorite and why?
  • What are some of the surprising success secrets the kids revealed in their essays that any family can use?
  • What about military families would surprise listeners who do not know military families?
  • How do you help kids and families?
  • Listeners are invited to visit my website www.MilitaryKidsSpeak.com to download a free chapter of my book Military Kids Speak.


Army Spouses

Benjamin Keizer & Rachel (his sister-in law)



Benjamin Keizer was active duty for 8+ years and have been in the Army Reserve for the past 5 years.   He is  getting ready to start a two year fellowship in Health Psychology at Fort Sam Houston (San Antonio), Texas working with Active Duty Army/Air Force service members on the base there.


  • (Ben) Tell me about a wife’s participation in every day military life?
  • (Ben) What are some of the unique challenges to being married to a service member?
  • (Ben) What are the characteristics of successful Army wives vs. unsuccessful Army wives?
  • (Ben) With the increase in the use of the National Guard and Reserve, can you talk about the unique challenges for wives of Reservists & Guardsmen?
  • (Ben) Do deployments have any effects on the mental health of the wives?
  • (Rachel) Tell me about your personal experience with your husband being deployed?
  • (Rachel) What are some of the unique benefits of being a military wife?
  • (Rachel) What is the downside of being an army wife?
  • (Rachel) How do you deal with not having your spouse in the home for a year or more?
  • (Rachel) What were some challenges for you as a geographical single parent of two children while your husband was deployed?
  • (Rachel) Tell me about some of the challenges of reintegrating with your husband


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