05/13/2012 Happy Mother’s Day!

Tonight’s guests:

Dodie Malardo, 8pm to 9pm

Website:  http://www.penelopescruise.com/

DODIE MALARDO, is the author of the popular romance novel, “Penelope’s Cruise“.  Dodie turned her life experience into a novel which she has used as a starting point for her own charity, To Give Is Divine, Ltd. whose mission is to develop and implement creative, innovative fundraising campaigns and donate a significant portion of those proceeds to American charities, initially focusing on food banks, homeless shelters and children at risk.

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Joanna Giandardella,  9pm to 10pm

Website:  http://joannasonya.com/

Caught in the turmoil of the Greek Civil War, 10 year old Joanna Sonya Giangardella was placed into a special United Nations-sponsored adoption program supported by Queen Frederica.

For Joanna, as a child living in relative poverty on the Greek island of Pergos, it seemed to be a dream come true. After all, she had always heard that America was the land of chocolate, walking, talking dolls and many more treasures. Despite her mother’s hesitancy, Joanna is excited at the prospect of a new life in America, and soon she was on a plane packed with other frightened and excited Greek children, bound for new homes in the States.

The reality of life in America is much different from what she had hoped for, however. Her adoptive parents, a Russian-born monarch and a Bulgarian of high society, forbid her to speak Greek, force her to eat intolerable food, and confine her to her room. Her journey from a desperate childhood to a strong and deeply rooted adulthood is revealed in Joanna’s stirring memoir, The Girl from the Tower.

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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