• For our first hour we had Percy Smith on the show to talk about celebrity encounters in airport LAX.Introduction:Going to the airport can be very stressful.  Even for celebrities that have to act out all types of situations on big and little screens.  Percy Smith worked as a Traffic Officer at Los Angeles World Airport, commonly known as LAX for many years and saw how over 100 celebrities behaved while traveling at LAX.Questions asked Percy:
    • 1.  Percy, how long did you work at LAX?
    • 2.  How many celebrities did you encounter?
    • 3.  How did you rate the celebrities?
    • 4.  I notice there’s a picture of a jackass by some celebrity pictures.  Why?
    • 5.  Tell us about your favorite celebrity?
    • 6.  You have some Los Angeles Laker icons in your book.  Tell us about Kobe Bryant.
    • 7.  Public display of affection is hard for some people.  But Phil Jackson, a former coach of the Lakers, and Jeannie Buss, the owner’s daugher, didn’t have that problem.  Tell us about your encounter with them.
    • 8.  I have to ask about Wilt Chamberland.  Tell us about your encounter with Wilt.
    • 9.  Sidney Poiter is an amazing actor.  Tell us about him.
    • 10.  Everyone knows Paris Hilton and her past troubles.  What happened with her?
    • 11.  Who had the rudest behavior towards you?
    • 12.  Who was the nicest?
    • 13.  I know some people that are pretty self absorbed, which brings me to David Hasselhoff.  Tell us about him.
    • 14.  Tell us about Pat Boone.
    • 15.  Raising children is sometimes difficult.  You mentioned Robert Wagner and his daughter.  Tell us about that.
    • 16.  Do you have any words of advice for people travelling through airports?

    To purchase Percy’s book go to amazon.com
    Here is a direct link : http://www.amazon.com/Celebrity-Airport-Encounters-At-Lax/dp/1465371389

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Shela Dean   9:00 PM – 10:00 PM;  Website: http://sheladean.com/

Shela Dean  is a Relationship Coach and the bestselling author of Frequent Foreplay Miles, Your Ticket to Total Intimacy!  Her new book, ReDate Your Mate, 4 Steps to Falling in Love All Over Again (Boomer Edition), will be out in just a few weeks. Shela began studying the dynamics of personal relationships during her two-decade career as an estate and family attorney before retiring from law to begin relationship coaching in 2004. Over the course of her career, she has worked with more than 2,000 couples. Her unique blend of humor, insight, and practical meat-and-potatoes approach helps couples find a better way to navigate the friendly, and sometimes not-so-friendly, skies of life.


  • 1.I understand that the only demographic in which divorce is on the rise in the boomer generation. Why do you think that’s so?
  • 2.What does it mean to “redate?”  (I’ll talk about how dating is to marriage what foreplay is to sex. The thing we do most while dating is engage in emotional foreplay in order to seduce our sweetheart into falling in love and wanting to spend a lifetime together. Once we seal the deal with a ring, however, the emotional foreplay tends to stop. ReDating is doing those things and adopting a mindset that is more like it was when a couple was dating.
  • 3.I’ve heard that hormones play a big role in falling in love. Can you explain that? (I’ll talk about how the falling-in-love hormones have the same effect on the brain as cocaine, making dating couples blind to each other’s faults, and how when the effect wears off, couples tend to think they got it wrong.
  • 4.So, when the hormones wear off is that when the conflict really begins? (I’ll talk about the human bias towards negativity, where it comes from, and how that plays a role in creating conflict.)
  • 4.Is it possible to overcome the negativity bias? (I’ll talk about how we can retrain our brains to a more positive state of mind and eliminate conflict in marriage.)
  • 5.Is there a way to stimulate the production of those falling-in-love hormones?
  • 6.Can you give a few examples of what you mean by “emotional foreplay?”
  • 7.Why is it important for married couples to continue dating?
  • 8.Do you have any dating tips?
  • 9.How did you go from attorney to relationship coach?
  • 10.In your book you talk about Frequent Foreplay Miles. Can you explain what that means?
  • 11.Tell us about your Foreplay Back Pocket Guide and how that works.
  • 12.What’s the one piece of advice you give all couples?
  • 13.Hope this works for you. Let me know if you need anything further and I’ll try to comply.

More about Shela Dean: http://speakersheladean.com/about/

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Kimberley Pryor:  9-10 pm 04/22/2012. Topic was divorce
Kimberly Pryor is a journalist who has had more than 600 articles published in magazines and newspapers. She’s also the author of The Indestructible Relationship, winner of the 2012 EPIC eBook Award for best non-fiction, and is hosting the first annual Thriving After Divorce conference in the fall of 2012. Kimberly is on a mission to help stressed couples as well as divorced people who want to know how their marriage went wrong. Visit her at www.indestructiblerelationship.com

How to Divorce-Proof Your Relationship
Suggested Questions/Talking Points

• What made you decide to explore the question of “What makes relationships last?” Why are you so passionate about this topic?

• You interviewed Indestructible couples whose relationships thrived after traumatic events and other couples whose relationships fell apart after they went through something traumatic. What were some of the differences between the couples who thrived and the ones who broke up?
• The couples who thrived didn’t play the blame game.
• The Indestructible couples also found an important way to avoid playing the victim.
• The couples who thrived had what’s known as a companionate relationship.

• April is National Stress Awareness Month.  And the couples who you interviewed for The Indestructible Relationship went through some of the most stressful events people can go through. What did you learn from these Indestructible couples about handling stress that will help other couples avoid divorce?
• First, it’s helpful for us to separate the stress from the relationship. When we’re under stress we sometimes think it’s the relationship that’s the problem when in fact it’s really the stress itself that’s causing you to be unhappy.
• The importance of seeking support outside the relationship.
• The way that men and women react to stress differently.
• Never bring up relationship issues when a man is under stress.

• Let’s talk about financial arguments, since that’s a big cause of conflict. You interviewed a couple who went through bankruptcy and foreclosure and yet their marriage is as strong as ever. How did they keep their union together?

• The husband didn’t blame the woman for the way she was handling the finances. He recognized that they both had a part to play in their troubles.
•  The wife didn’t become overly sensitive when the husband suggested he take over the finances, using a computer program to keep track of everything. She didn’t feel as if he was knocking down the way she did things—she accepted that the way they did things needed to change.
• They didn’t resent each other.

• A big reason that people get divorced is simply because they fall out of love. Do you believe people should just give up on their marriage or relationship at this point?
• No! Definitely not. One of my Indestructible couples, who were on the verge of divorce, used a very effective method I call the “Honey, you’re so good to me” technique, which helps couples fall back in love again.




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