Dr. Frank Barnhill, 8pm to 9pm; Website: www.mistakenforadhd.com
Topic: ADHD in children and adults

Dr. Frank has written and published over 200 original internet articles on family medical topics, ADHD and other behavior disorders on his websites drhuggiebear.com and ADHDbehavior.com. In addition, his information rich medical articles can be found on greater than 75 other websites worldwide!


1.  Why should a parent worry that their child might have been misdiagnosed as ADHD?

2. What seems to be fueling the meteoric increase in ADHD diagnosis over the past ten years?

3. What do you consider the worst thing that might happen if a child is misdiagnosed as ADHD?

4.  What are the significant emotional side effects of ADHD misdiagnosis?

5.  What are a few things that parents might notice if their child has been mislabeled as ADHD?

6. What mistakes do most healthcare professionals make when evaluating a child for ADHD?

7.  What should our listeners expect to get out of reading Mistaken for ADHD?

8.  Why are most therapists and doctors inadequately trained to properly evaluate a child with ADHD-like behavior?

9. What are some of the Zebras or medical conditions that can act just like ADHD and confuse the diagnosis?

10. How can the parent of a child who has already been diagnosed as ADHD be sure their child is really ADHD and has not been mislabeled?

11. What is the likelihood my already diagnosed ADHD child is not really ADHD?

12. When should a parent suspect his or her child has been misdiagnosed as ADHD?

13. When should a teacher suspect a student has been misdiagnosed as ADHD?

14. How can a parent prevent their child from being misdiagnosed as ADHD?

15. What is the one most common mistake doctors make in diagnosing ADHD?

Ms. Claudia Crawford LMFT, 8pm to 9pm; Website: AdvicebyClaudia.com

Claudia Crawford is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 40 years of experience.  She is in Private Practice and specialized in ADHD and Child Sexual Abuse.  Her first 13 years of practice were at the University of Louisville Medical School Child Evaluation Center (now the Weisskopf Center for Children and Families).  In addition to her private practice she offers information and resources through AdvicebyClaudia.com.
Questions for guests:

1)  What is ADHD?

2)  How many children have been diagnosed with ADHD?

3)  What percentage of the population is ADHD?

4)  Are more boys than girls diagnosed?

5)  Are there degrees of ADHD?

6)  What is the prognosis for ADHD if not treated?  Treated?

7)  Are ADHD individuals likely to have alcohol and drug problems?

8)  What are some of the symptoms of ADHD?

9)  Do you outgrow ADHD or does it last a lifetime?

10)  Is punishment effective with ADHD children?

11)  Are children with ADHD lazy, crazy, or stupid?

12)  Does ADHD effect a child’s self esteem?

13)  Is it hard to stay married to someone with ADHD?

14)  Are there any positive traits with ADHD?

15)  What are some of the behaviors ADHD children have that other children do not have?

16)  What are the most common causes of ADHD?

17)  Is there a test for ADHD?

18)  Can one person make a difference in the life of a child with ADHD?

19)  Should ADHD individuals be given extra time to take tests?

20)  How do I know if my child’s medicine is working?  What do I do if it’s not?

21) Will medication change my child’s personality?

22)  Do ADHD children lose their homework more than other children? Or forget to do it?

23)  My child has taken major exams for professional certification and failed several times.  I know they are smart and have the knowledge but are not good at taking tests.  How can I help them?

24)  How do I know my child is on the right medication?

25)  If my child has ADHD what are the chances by grandchildren will also have ADHD?

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Karen Rissling, 9pm to 10pm; Website: www.karenrissling.com

Phyllis Santos, 9pm to 10pm.

Phyllis Santos Sauer, is the Director of Marketing & Development for Cardinal Hill/Easter Seals of Louisville, a 54 year old nonprofit pediatric rehabilitation facility providing therapy to children with disabilities. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Louisville and she has had more than 30 years experience working as a marketing professional and the last 12 years in Fund Development.

She is past President of Sales, Management & Marketing Association, served on the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, is a member of the National Association of Professional Women, and is currently President of Blue Rose Condo Association and President of the Executive Club of Louisville.

Married almost 2 years to someone she met through Internet Dating.

Questions for guest:

1. Why did you go on an Internet Dating Site?

2. You are involved with so many professional organizations and the
community, did you not meet men in these settings?

3. What were you looking for by going on the Internet?

4. Tell me about some of your experiences on the Internet?

5. Tell me about your husband and why you were so interested in his bio?

6. What advice would you give to people who are using the Internet to meet?

7. Did you ever have anyone set you up for a blind date?

8. Do you think it is hard to meet single mature adults in Louisville?

9. Do you think there is a negative stigma associate with a person that uses an
Internet Dating Service.

10.So what is occupying your time right now at Easter Seals?

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