02/05/2012 Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Tonight’s guests:

Dr. Michael Williams, 8PM to 9PM

Book:    The Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind, 2nd Edition

Website:  www.reallawofattraction.net

Dr. Michael Williams has been performing research into the Law of Attraction
for several years now, and what Dr. Williams found during these years of
study and research was nothing more than a earth shaking break through in
this field of research.

*Dr. Williams explains how the Law of Attraction truly works.
*Educates the reader and provides the knowledge to understanding what it
takes to make the Law of Attraction work in ones life.
*Breaks down the concepts so the reader can fully understand and apply the
techniques provided in the book and approached the Law from a knowledge

Questions for Dr. Williams:

1.    How many years have you been performing research into the “Law of Attraction”?
2.    How does this book address people’s needs during these difficult economic times?
3.    What’s the basic concept behind your book?
4.    How does the subconscious mind come into play?
5.    How does this tie into the Law of Attraction and its ability to build wealth?
6.    When working the techniques in your book what kind of turn around time would someone expect, and start seeing their desires manifesting in their life?
7.    What if their desire does not manifest?
8.    Can people continue to use these techniques over and over again in different areas of the lives?
9.    Let’s look at one of you techniques.  Say technique number 1.  Born Rich.  Explain to me how this technique works?
10.    What impact does this book have on the daily lives of people?
11.    What kind of things can an individual hope to attract (Car, Job, Wife/Husband)?
12.    How does this align with setting goals in one’s life?
13.    Can you become Rich using these techniques?
14.    Explain how the Subconscious Mind plays its part in the attraction process?
15.    If the Subconscious Mind does not accept the desire of the individual what going on?

Email: mikewil1@roadrunner.com

Dr Michael R Cunningham 8-9 PM (in studio)

Dr. Michael R. Cunningham took his BA at Carleton College, and his Ph.D at the University of Minnesota, where he conducted research on family togetherness and apartness, personality and impression management, and the effects of emotion on helpfulness. Since earning his doctorate in Psychology, Professor Cunningham has conducted research on the perception of physical attractiveness; honest and deceptive communication strategies to solicit and get jobs, social support, social allergies in romantic and co-worker relationships, mate-copying; and pre-employment attitude tests for honesty, customer service, management potential and other dimensions.


Sharon Larue   9PM-10PM

Sharon LaRue is a graduate of the University of Louisville and a licensed art therapist. She is currently the director of the UofL Prevention, Education, and Advocacy Program (PEACC). PEACC is working to elminate power-based personal violence which include the issues of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking and harassment. Sharon is responsble for advocacy for victims of violence at UofL and helps anyone who has been afffected by IPV, but her passion is prevention – trying to reduce violence before it occurs.

Detective Jack Jawor   9:00 pm

Detective Jack Jawor is a 18 year veteran of Louisville Metro Police Department and is assigned to the centralized Domestic Violence Unit.

1. What is domestic violence?

2. What to do if you are abused?

3. What will happen when the police arrive?

4. Does immigration status determine the level of police services received?

5. Can the responding officers give the offender a break or do they have to arrest?

6. Is an EPO or DVO from Jefferson County good in another state?

7. Can same sex partners receive protection even though Kentucky does not recognize their union?

8. From a law enforcement standpoint, how dangerous do you consider a domestic violence call for service?

9. Why is that?

10. Do zip codes or geographic boundaries make a difference in domestic violence?

11. What is the cycle of violence? Is it different for each person?

12. What is a safety plan?

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