Miriam Goodman, 8pm to 9pm
Webpage: www.toomuchtogetherness.com
Name Of Book:   Too Much Togetherness: Surviving Retirement As A Couple
Topic: Relationships.

Miriam Goodman is an author, award-winning radio and television producer, and pr consultant. She created the first nationally syndicated feminist radio program, and has been a frequent contributor to NPR. She produced television features for Newsweek Broadcasting and the SF NBC TV-affiliate, earning two EMMY nominations. She is a columnist for examiner.com and other online publications.

Questions for tonight’s guest (time permitting):

1) Everyone dreams of retirement, yet are often disappointed when the time comes. Why is this?
2) How can couples in retirement keep separate yet together lives?
3) So many people say they are afraid to retire…what are the fears?
4) How can we replace the community we had at our work place when we retire?
5) Thirty years is a long time to be unemployed. How can we make those years pleasurable?
6) Do long term marriages suffer in retirement?
7) Can we plan ahead to avoid problems?
8) He wants to stay in, she wants to go out…who is right?
9) How can couples deal with the “space” issue when both are at home?
10) How do we deal with the issues of isolation and boredom?
11) Is it natural to disengage from society when one retires?
12) Do women and men adjust to retirement differently?
13) How should retirees deal with expectations of adult children?
14) Are aging and fear of death part of retirement?
15) Is retirement another kind of midlife crisis? Will we get over it easily?


Dr. Alice Cash, 9pm to 10pm

Dr. Cash’s websites are www.HealingMusicEnterprises.com and www.surgicalheadphones.com, and www.surgicalserenity.com.

Alice Cash, Ph.D., LCSW is a clinical musicologist and a licensed clinical social worker in Louisville, KY. Dr. Cash is also a concert pianist and a professional speaker. In 1990, she was hired to become the first full-time coordinator of music and medicine. For most of the 1990’s she conducted research on the music’s impact in health care and conducted studies.

Questions to be asked (time permitting):

1. Dr. Cash, how did you come up with the idea of creating wireless headphones for surgery?

2. Are these headphones patented?

3. What are the advantages and/or benefits of using music with surgery?

4. Has any research been done on the use of music with surgery?

5. Has any research been done on your specific headphones for surgery?

6. Where does one go to get these headphones?

7. What ages are these headphones appropriate for?

8. Does the music vary, depending on the type of surgery?

9. Is the music vocal or instrumental…or both?

10. Can the headphones be re-used?

11. Will the headphones be supplied by the hospital?

12. Do doctors recommend the headphones?

13. How long will the headphones last after surgery?

14. Have headphones been used before in the medical/dental arena?

15. Is there any risk of electrical shock?

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