01/01/2012 Happy New Year!

Tom Payne 8PM to 9PM
Website: www.thetemplateoftime.com
Blog: thetemplateoftime.blogspot.com
Book: “The Template of Time: How Time Patterns Reveal the Destiny of Nations.”

Tom Payne is a graduate of Rice University and a former Airborne-Ranger qualified infantry officer. He was a sales and marketing executive and now is President of Essential Growth Solutions, a sales and marketing consultancy. Eight years of intensive research went into the development of his book, The Template of Time: How Time Patterns Reveal the Destiny of Nations. Tom has discovered that cycles of history repeat themselves in reliable, predictable patterns that suggest future outcomes. More than a year in advance, he predicted Hosni Mubarak’s ouster would take place around 2010. It happened in February 2011. He also forecasted the change in leadership in Yemen and the 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan. What does he predict over the next two years? He believes the U.S. and China will reach a breakthrough economic agreement, Israel will bomb Iran, perhaps with assistance from the U.S., and Europe will experience a devastating period of terrorism.

Questions likely to be asked tonight:

1. Why did you write this book?
2. What makes you an expert on the topic?
3. What got you started on this book?
4. The basic building block of this template is the INC sequence. Could you explain to our audience what the INC sequence is?
5. How did the template generate this sequence of dates?
6. You’ve shown how a historical example fits this sequence, but how does it generate predictions?
7. Will Israel bomb Iran and, if this occurs, does the template point to some of the unintended consequences of this action?
8. What led you to make the prediction that Mubarak would be ousted from power around the year 2010?
9. You have a chapter on the Arab Spring in your recently released revised and expanded edition. What are some of the outcomes we can expect to see as a result of this shaking of that region?
10. Does it say anything about China and China’s relationship with the USA?
11. Is the U.S. in a state of terminal decline?
12. You wrote a chapter on Terrorism and how we will see an enormous spike in terrorist strikes. What countries will suffer the most?
13. You predicted the European Union will achieve fiscal, political and military union. On December 8th it appears that fiscal union will occur between the 17 nations who use the euro as their currency. You also contend Europe will be the center stage upon which the drama of history unfolds. Why is Europe so important?
14. Does the Template of Time predict when the world will end? Is it possible to guess the end of the time?
15. What are your thoughts about 2012 and the Mayan Prophecy?

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Clint Arthur   9PM to 10PM
Webpage: www.LastYearOfYourLife.com
Name Of Book: The Greatest Book Of All Time.
Note: Kindle Book

Topic: Life. What would you do if you had a short time to live?

Clint Arthur is a graduate of the Wharton Business School, a successful entrepreneur with over a decade of experience running his own business, and the bestselling author of “The Last Year Of Your Life,” “The Income Doubler,” and “What They Teach You At The Wharton Business School.” His famous personal transformation experiences, training programs, keynote speeches and frequent appearances on Network TV and hugely syndicated radio shows inspire millions of people to go bigger in their life, to amplify their voice, live more intensely, and make a huge impact on the world.

Questions likely to be asked:

1) How did this all start for you?
2) How does all this relate to Steve Jobs?
3) Tell us some stories about other people who have done this with you?
4) Tell us about your new bestselling book, which I have read, and I agree with the title, I DO think this is The Greatest Book Of All Time. How did you come up with this title and explain to the audience what makes it so great?
5) How can our audience participate in living The Last Year Of Your Life experience either on their own or with you?

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