Tips from Tony and Dr. Stan

Each week Tony and Dr. Stan will add web sites and links that pertain to our topics of the week and that will be of help to our Sunday night family. Tony is a great medical and legal researcher who has a wealth of experience with Docs and lawyers on technical information needed for them to be successful. Consistent with our focus on mental health, Dr. Stan is a psychologist/professor emeritus who likes sharing great information with people who want to better their lives.

You can reach Tony Safina at:
Dr. Stan can be reached at:

Be sure and join us Sunday nights 8 to 10 pm on 970 AM WGTK, or listen to us by going to and clicking on “live now” and hear it streamed on your computer.

Often times we will also be posting web sites and links of our individual guests each Sunday night so you can reach them directly.
We wish you well.

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