Dr. Frank Barnhill, 8pm to 9pm; Website: www.mistakenforadhd.com Topic: ADHD in children and adults

Dr. Frank has written and published over 200 original internet articles on family medical topics, ADHD and other behavior disorders on his websites drhuggiebear.com and ADHDbehavior.com. In addition, his information rich medical articles can be found on greater than 75 other [...]


Show information posted by producer,  Chloe Quiroga.  Tony will return from his two month absence when his wife gets home from the hospital (very soon). First hour: the topic was retirement and financial matters. Chris Puffer was the first guest and did not have an introduction or questions as he is on the show often. [...]


The first hour (8pm – 9pm) tonight the topic was hoarding.

First guest for hoarding: Dr. Monica Williams

Monnica Williams, Ph.D. is clinical psychologist who treats adults and families with OCD, PTSD, and other anxiety disorders. She is an Assistant Professor [...]