Carla Wilson 8-9 PM

website: http://connectionprinciple.com, http://whatifimright.com/

Book: What If I’m Right?

Carla Wilson holds a Master of Social Work and is a corrections officer at a correctional facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has coached inmates and their families for 19 years. In addition to being an author, Wilson is an inspirational speaker, guided [...]


Todd Lipscomb 8-9 PM

website: www.madeinUSAforever.com

Book: Remade in the USA: How We Can Restore Jobs, Retool Manufacturing and Compete with the World

Todd Lipscomb spent nearly 15 years in the tech business, overseeing Asian and worldwide operations for Western Digital Corporation. Seeing the serious void in U.S. manufacturing, Lipscomb started his own company,MadeinUSAForever.com, an [...]


Mark Simpson (in studio) 8-9 PM

Topic: Understanding and Treating Criminal Offenders: Lessons from the Belly of the Beast

Mark Simpson has worked for the past 28 years as a clinical psychologist with the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Lexington. He currently serves as the Psychology Treatment Programs Coordinator for the prison system’s Mid-Atlantic Regional [...]


Tonight’s guests:

Ed Jaffee 8-9 PM

website: www.lobbyingagainstanoilgiant.com

email: eljaffee@cox.net

Book: DODGING THE BULLET: An Inside Washington Look at High-Stakes Lobbying Against an Oil Giant

Mr. Ed Jaffee is a journalism graduate of George Washington University in Washington, DC, and has worked for The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and United Press before becoming [...]

07/03/2011 Happy Fourth!!!

Tonight’s guests:

Colonel Sandford Artman 8-9 PM

Colonel Sanford P. Artman, 26 yrs in Army.  Chief of Staff US Army Recruiting Command.  A ROTC graduate from Marion Military Institute, Marion Alabama and The US Army War College, COL Artman has deployed in support of the Persian Gulf War, 1991 and OIF/OEF in 2007 and 2008. [...]