Dr. Michael J Duckett 8-9 PM


Book: Breaking The Money Barriers alternate site

Dr. Michael J. Duckett is an entrepreneur who has owned over 300 businesses worldwide and has consulted over 10,000 businesses and individuals worldwide.  He has degrees in science, law, theology, and business.  Tonight, he will be teaching us about “the 12 [...]


Jerry Hines 8-9 PM

website: www.bethedadyouwishyouhad.com

Book:   Be the Dad You Wish You Had

Jerry Hines was born in Louisville and grew up near Iroquois park. He currently lives in Trimble County, Kentucky with his wife of 27 years. He has 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy, ages 15 to 24. He is [...]


Tonight’s guests:

Kim Evans (APRN, MSN, CS, CNAT, AHN-BC) 8-9 PM

website: www.intentionalwellness.org

Kim is an advanced practice nurse with over 30 years of clinical experience in multiple roles including staff nurse, nurse manager and critical care clinical nurse specialist. She is board certified as a clinical nurse specialist in Adult Health and as [...]

5/8/2011 Happy Mother’s Day!

Tonight’s guests-

Margery Pabst 8-9 PM

websites: www.pivotalcrossings.com, www.blogtalkradio.com

Book: Enrich Your Caregiving Journey

Margery Pabst is a national speaker, facilitator, and co-author of the book, Enrich Your Caregiving Journey. Margery cites the purpose of her work:  “To assist people in creating resilient and empowering environments for themselves and others.”  Ms. Pabst writes a monthly [...]


Matthew Cossolotto 8-9 PM

website: www.thepodiumpro.com

Book: HabitForce!

The Westchester County Executive has just proclaimed May 4th to be Make A Promise Day!  It’s official!

Creator of “Make A Promise Day” (May 4th), Matthew Cossolotto (aka “The Podium Pro”) is an author, guest speaker, CEO-level speechwriter, and speech coach. A former aide to House Speaker [...]